Pipeline Rehabilitation -2016

Pipeline Rehabilitation -2016

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Pipeline Works

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Project Summary

The major scope for this project is for the full replacement of the 153 km 20" SBCL-1 Sour Condensate pipeline from Safaniyah scraper trap area via the Khursaniyah trap area to the Berri Gas Plant with a 163 km 18/20” pipeline as well as the partial replacement of 14 out of 37 km pipeline consisting of 7 sections of the 46/48" QJ-2 pipeline supplying Sweet Arabian Light Crude from Qatif junction to Juaymah terminal.

The SBCL-1 pipeline is made up of 2 sections with section 1 starting at the Safaniyah trap area and terminating at the Khursaniyah trap area and section 2 starting and Khursaniyah trap area and terminating at the Berri Gas Plant trap area. The SBCL-2 pipeline will replace the existing SBCL-1 pipeline including all pipeline facilities as per the detail design package. The SBCL-1 pipeline is predominantly buried in Sabkha sand which will require SBCL-2 pipeline to be built on Sabkha pad. SBCL-1 pipeline will remain operational during the construction of SBCL-2 and require Hot Tap and Stopples in order to tie in and commission the new pipeline into the operational network.

The QJ-2 pipeline starts at Qatif junction and terminates at Juaymah terminal and is predominantly buried in Sabkha sand. This will require the new QJ-2 pipeline sections to be installed on Sabkha pad. The QJ-2 pipeline rehabilitation scope includes the daylighting of existing mainline valves as well as the installation of new full flow bypass valves, new Thrust Anchors at valve stations, associated Structural and electrical facilities. QJ-2 will be shut down for the duration required to replace the sections.

The scope of work also makes provision for new Leak Detection Systems and upgrade of Cathodic Protection along the entire length of both pipelines.